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The "SONEX" range of Ultimate Santarywares in the new millennium is the splendid mixture of Art & Craft, avilable in almost all natural colors and shapes comes with smooth shining finish that creates a different aura in your life. A Perfect match for your life style and a statement of your personality.

"SONEX" Sanitarywares is a a product with the remarkable difference that's rare to find in others. Because the name "SONEX" bears behind it an endless story of perfection, perception and performance. With star-studded history of over 15 years in clay-moulding, the manufacturers of "SONEX" brand have entered into Sanitarywares making. And keeping on with the tradition and relentless R & D, brought out the same excellence and exuberance in whole "SANYO" range of Sanitarywares.


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About us.

It was 1982. A company called Sahyog Tiles & Potteries was launched in india’s ceramic capital, Morbi, to produce roofing tiles. It was bed timing. The market was drying up, margins were being squeezed and existing  tile companies were either gasping for air or dying out. The prospects for a nascent company like Sahyog looked even bleaker. Did it fold up in the face of adversity? Far from it. Rather than surrender meekly to market forces, the partners decided to take the fight to a different ground. By founding a new company in a new domain-sanitaryware.


Thus, was born sonex ceramics in 1994. And with it, a new crop of problems. Although well-versed in ceramics, the management had little inkling of the sanitaryware market. But, perseverance began to pay. Sonex’s partners learned the tricks of the trade quickly enough and the company began steaming ahead, past the competition and past the industry benchmark. Just goes to show that winning is a ‘never say die’ attitude.


Epitomising it in plenty are the promoters and top management of sonex with about 25 year of experience each under their belts. They drive growth and the company vision of becoming an industry leader with well-defined market strategies and high-performance operational systems. The emphasis is on introducing new designs and colures on a continual basis. No wonder, sonex has the largest range amongst SSIs.


The commitment of the top brass along with the dedication of its personnel has seen Sonex growing six-fold in the six year. The company has a robust network of about 350 outlets, many of whom are exclusive Sonex retailers, across India. The company’s products are also attracting queries and order from an expanding group of countries. Like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh,  Kenya, Bahrain, Nepal, Cameroon and Maldives, among other.


Sonex is a model employer and sensible corporate citizen with involved participation in projects of employee, community and environmental interest.


Sonex will continue raising the bar on its performance. And doing what it’s best at – winning the hearts of customers, retailers, employees and the community at large.

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MOBILE NO : +91 98256 10309
PHONE NO : +91 2822 240309/243409
FAX NO : +91 2822 240799

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